Simple definition:

A structured, purposeful use of electronic systems or computers in support of the learning process.


Refer to a wide set of applications and processes, such as Web-based learning, computer-based learning,

virtual classrooms, and digital collaboration. It includes the delivery of content via Internet, intranet/extranet
(LAN/WAN), audio- and videotape, satellite, broadcast, interactive TV, and CD-ROM.

American Society of Training and Development (2001)

    Good E-Learning Is Not:

Reading on a computer.
Downloading several documents for reading.
Electronic page turning.

High quality e-learning material constitutes the following components:

High levels of interactivity
Vivid simulations and animations
Video, audio and other multimedia
Integration with classroom based learning or provision of support
...materials e.g. PDF documents
Community based, with access to tutors or fellow e-learners
A web-based learning management system for user
progress tracking

E-Learning will only be successful if it is:

Designed according to established learning principles
Engaging and fun to do
Highly interactive
Easy to use
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